We Teacher is a story about colleagues...

We Teachers began with the dream of teachers from Nantes (France), passionate about international exchanges and who strongly believe that, by gathering teachers from all over the world, it is possible to increase exchange opportunities, in a simple, cheap and convivial way.

We have the idea, the site starts to take shape in our heads, we discuss it widely and…we are extremely lucky to have this site done free of charge by a web-designer from our family (www.ouille.eu)!

We have created a non-profit association (under French law of 1901)

The subscription of 12 euros will enable us to help covering our operating expenses and keep improving the site.

Our role now is to enable the association to flourish, work on improvements according to your comments and ideas, make sure that We Teachers remains a site for teachers and suits our needs and wishes.

If you want to join us within the association as active members, you are more than welcome, feel free to contact us.


So, dear colleagues, we invite you to join us now !